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Eddie Knows all about shocks!

Shock Absorbers

We’ve got what you need, at a great price - and we’ll fit them real Speedy too.

Here’s a shocking fact! Your shock absorbers are not checked when your vehicle is serviced - did you know that? Take it from us, if your car has done more than 70 000 km’s, your shocks are most likely worn out, but since most people never check, they never know.

Consider this, if you are driving a car that’s a few years old, its possible - even likely - that your shocks have never been checked. That’s a risk. When you need to suddenly brake or swerve, you may find that your car no longer handles how you expected it to, and you’re now part of the problem. If you are involved in a collision, you may even face the risk of your insurance being revoked (since your insurer requires that your vehicle is properly maintained, the same goes for having roadworthy tyres).

A professional shock test takes a few minutes – come and see us and make sure that you aren’t putting yourself and your wallet at risk.

Real Value! Shock Guarantee

Up to 36 MONTHS PLUS...

All our new shocks are extensively covered. Up to 36 months by the manufacturer and with our exclusive Peace-of-Mind Guarantee.

CONDITIONS:  Damage caused as a result of collisions, vandalism, willful malicious damage or mechanical defect or where the vehicle has been repaired by another garage or fitment centre or individual or used for competitive sport is not covered. In the case of Stainless Steel exhausts, impact damage caused by speed humps or pavements is specifically excluded. All of the above is conditional on accidentally damaged products being returned to where purchased.

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