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Meet Eddie, your "go to guy" when it comes to real value on tyres and fitment

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In a world where so many brands come and go – one is often faced with making a decision where you don’t have enough information.

Vehicle maintenance involves long term decision making – to minimise cost, risk and inconvenience. How do you make a decision that you know is as right today as it will be in a week – a year – in 5 years! How do you choose?

Talk to us. We make sure that products are thoroughly tested prior to putting them on our shelves. Where appropriate, products are stretched, pounded, pressed, boiled, baked, submerged and crushed before we perform our own evaluations. We take proven products and then test them for additional value – price versus benefit – is it great value? They have to go for longer, and further, handle better, have warranties, guarantees and better back-up.

This means you know you have made a good choice – the one that delivers maximum value to you - now, next week, and for years to come.


At Speedy Tyre & Fitment we understand that tyres aren’t cheap. And we want you to get the maximum value and useful life from your purchase.

Passenger Tyres...
4x4 and SUV Tyres...


If you have a problem with your battery, what should you do? Dial 0861 Speedy.

We’ll ensure that your local Speedy dealer sorts you out straight away. We carry only great brands – so you wont be left in the lurch again.



A professional shock test takes a few minutes – come and see us and make sure that you aren’t putting yourself and your wallet at risk.



For 30 years we’ve been known as the experts in exhausts!

If your car needs a bit of TLC – bring it to us, we’ll help you make it more fuel efficient and safe, through fitting a quality product that you can rely on.



Every car should have a tow bar. They give you flexibility and convenience.


Tyre Rotation

Regularly rotating your tyres can add about 10 000kms to the life of your tyres.

Wheel Balancing

As well as improving tyre life, correctly balanced tyres also mean smoother driving.

Credit Options

Finally! Real People Get The Credit They Deserve!



Our exclusive Real Value! Guarantee provides peace of mind against accidental damage for 24 months after purchase on all batteries, shock absorbers, towbars and exhausts fitted at Speedy.

We undertake to replace the part(s) on the following basis:

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Be sure to fit the world's best to your vehicle...
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